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The American Hungarian Foundation is now in its 62nd year. We continue to fulfill our mission to Collect, Conserve and Celebrate the contributions, traditions, stories, history, heritage and culture that American Hungarians have contributed to the American way of life since 1776.

In 1989, the Foundation opened the Hungarian Heritage Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A symbol of Hungary in America, the building designed by AHF Board member architect Laszlo Papp, includes a museum, library and archive facility.

Through our museum, library, archives, lecture series, crafts workshops and other educational programs and alliances, the AHF is the center of excellence for enabling cultural discovery, supporting research and enhancing the understanding and appreciation of the Hungarian heritage in America for future generations.

Our Vision

Provide a center for excellence for historical research in Hungarian arts and scientific contributions.
Serve as a resource for those who wish to be united with the Hungarian arts and culture and their Hungarian heritage.
Establish stronger and more lasting relationships between American Hungarians and Hungarians around the world through the world-wide Sister Cities Program and Hungarian organizations across the United States

AHF Museum

The Museum’s primary focus is to curate and present exhibits of the extensive collections acquired from donors and to present temporary exhibits from around the world. The AHF has presented unparalleled exhibits of the visual arts, such as [Melissa, please list a few memorable exhibits from recent years here].

AHF Library

The library, an affiliate of the Rutgers library, has a collection of more than 60,000 books, monographs and other historical records. The rich archives document the history and contributions of Hungarians and their descendants to American life since the colonial days of America. The library receives visitors who are engaged in scholarly studies or are interested in non-academic research such as ancient maps of Hungary and historical local newspaper collections.

AHF Archives

The Foundation’s archival holdings include personal papers and records of institutions and organizations of Hungarians in America since the American Revolution. Museum-quality maps of Hungary, dating back approximately 600 years, Hungarian-language newspapers, and other periodicals and artifacts published in the United States, and other antiquities such as the Kossuth letters.

Signature Events

The Festival of Trees in December, Hungarian Café and music at Twilight Concert at the Hungarian Festival in June, and The Carousel Ball are the Foundation’s signature events.

Our website, www.ahfoundation.org, takes you to the latest information about our programming:  exhibitions, lectures, news, as well as access to our library catalog and a sampling of our museum shop.

We invite you to continue your generous support of the expanding educational programs and workshops, and the capital and endowment funds of the Foundation.

Your tax-deductible gifts, bequests or special endowed gift can be made to the American Hungarian Foundation.

Your pledge to support the American Hungarian Foundation will help underwrite capital improvements and permit us the honor of continuing the educational and cultural services of the AHF in America.

The American Hungarian Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt, publicly supported organization.

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